The properties of beer

The properties of beer

The beer is a drink very old and rich in benefits for human health. Produced since the time of the Sumerians and Egyptians, among the people of the Nile was considered a real medicine and consumed by children, diluted with water and honey. After many centuries of beer today, despite differences in the production process, it retains the same beneficial properties for the body if consumed in the right doses (up to 2-3 glasses a day).
With its simple, natural ingredients, the beer is a true elixir of life.
Barley, food energy and easy to digest, is the base ingredient of beer: rich in phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin PP and E, calcium, iron and potassium, helps brain activity and concentration, prevents lung diseases and cardiovascular and strengthens bone tissue. It 'a food recommended in case of gastritis, colitis and cystitis, has known anti-inflammatory and soothing and helps the immune system due to its ability to counteract inflammation also on the digestive system and urinary system.
But the benefits of beer do not end there. According to recent studies, the beer may help reduce the risk of developing kidney stones by up to 40%, the prevention of type 2 diabetes and the prevention of osteoporosis, being source of orthosilicic acid, an element that supports the development of the bones. Important benefits of beer have been documented also as regards digestion (the dark beer contains 1 gram of soluble fiber per 300 ml), the circulation (better flexibility of the arteries) and the contrast of insomnia (soporific effect of hops).

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