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A passion for the good things; the magic of flavours of times past; a desire to bring to the world the best of Made in Italy: Nobili Food - Royal Taste. Our family business selects and promotes, in Italy and abroad, the unequalled regional gastronomic masterpieces expertly prepared by masters of tradition. Only the best local products from small producers, prepared with the highest quality ingredients, are worthy of the Nobili Food brand, becoming part of an exclusive range of flavours, for a healthy lifestyle with real Italian taste.

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Taste, health and beauty, these three words form the core of our philosophy and are synonymous with Italian food products, famed throughout the world. We seek to select products with care and passion, bringing only the best to the tables of those who love good food. No preservatives, seasonal ingredients, and the care and attention at each stage of production - including the final packaging - characterize both the most typical foods, faithful to time-honoured recipes, as well as our gourmet offerings, able to impress the most discerning palates with their innovative combinations. Our elegant packaging encloses the goodness necessary for the well-being of both body and soul.

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